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9월 11일 결방 및 종영 프로그램 안내/ September 11th Canceled and Ended Program

11일 결방 프로그램 [SBS] ‘영재발굴단’ [JTBC] ‘한끼줍쇼’ [JTBC] ‘차이나는 클라스’ [MBCevery1] ‘쇼챔피언’ [MBC] ‘실화탐사대’ [MBN] ‘우아한 가’

11일 종영 프로그램 [KBS2] ‘저스티스’ [SBS] ‘닥터탐정’

11th Canceled Program

[SBS] ‘Finding Genius’

[JTBC] ‘Let's Eat Dinner Together’

[JTBC] ‘A Whole New Class - We're Taking Questions’

[MBCevery1] ‘Show!Champion’

[MBC] ‘Real Event Explorers’

[MBN] ‘Elegant Family’

11th Ended Program [KBS2] ‘Justice’ [SBS] ‘Doctor Detective’

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