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5월 18일,19일 결방 및 종영 프로그램 안내/ May 18th,19th Canceled and Ended Program

18일 결방 프로그램

[KBS1] ‘걸어서 세계속으로’

[KBS1] ‘노래가 좋아’

[SBS] ‘접속 무비월드’ - 목요일 편성변경

19일 결방 프로그램

[MBC] ‘왕진 원정대’

18일 종영 프로그램

[TVN] ‘자백’

19일 종영 프로그램

[MBC] ‘궁민남편’

[JTBC] ‘요즘애들’

18th Canceled Program

[KBS1] ‘Into the World on Foot’

[KBS1] ‘I Like to Sing’

[SBS] ‘Connect Movie World!’ - Changed to Thursday

19th Canceled Program

[MBC] 'Fellowship of doctor's visit’

18th Ended Program

[TVN] ‘confession’

19th Ended Program

[MBC] 'Folly Husband’

[JTBC] ‘Kids these days’


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