Buena Park

CGV Cinema Buena Park
6988 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA 90621


동물의 말이 들리는 순간,
수사의 파트너가 바뀐다!

국가정보국 에이스 요원 태주.
특사로 파견된 VIP 경호 임무를 수행하던 중,
갑작스러운 사고로 VIP는 사라지고
설상가상 온갖 동물들의 말이 들리기 시작한다.
갑자기 이상한 행동을 하는 태주를 의심하는 민국장과 만식을 뒤로 하고,
태주는 군견 알리와 함께 VIP를 찾아 나서는데…

Very. Important. Panda!

도심 한복판, 사라진 VIP를 찾기 위한
인간과 동물들의 역대급 팀플레이가 시작된다!

Top National Security agent Joo Tae Joo who is rapidly rising up the ranks, dislikes all animals. In order to obtain his next promotion, he volunteers to take on a mission in which he has to protect a special Chinese panda named Ming Ming. At its welcoming ceremony, Ming Ming is kidnapped by an international terrorist organization. While chasing after the terrorists, Tae Joo injures his head and is knocked out. When he finally regains consciousness, he finds out that he now possesses a strange ability to talk to the animals and finds a sole witness to the kidnapping incident – a stubborn retired military dog named Ali.


Wanting to retake the title as the top agent, Tae Joo and Ali become unlikely partners on a mission to rescue Ming Ming.


​이성민, 김서형, 배정남 / Lee Sung-min, Kim Seo-hyung, Bae Jung-Nam


​코미디, 액션/ Comedy, Supernatural, Action


김태윤 / Kim Tae-yoon



in theaters 1/24

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